YouTube Really Focuses On The You

This week I focused on learning a new song on YouTube. The song that I have decided to work on this week is ‘What a Wonderful World‘. I didn’t have time to record myself this week but I would like to have a recording for next week for everyone to see my progress. (Stay tuned for a video in my next post).

I like learning songs from YouTube. The two songs that I have learned have the chords at the bottom of the video. I find this easy to follow. It also helps me focus on putting my fingers on the right fret and string rather than memorizing them. Below are the chords that I use the most. They will show up at the bottom of the video highlighted when I should play them.

Ukulele Chords | How to Play Ukulele - Austin Bazaar

This project so far has helped me stay accountable for playing my ukulele every week. Now that I can play some songs on the ukulele, I also have started signing along while playing. I come from a musically talented family. My grandpa used to be a part of a band in British Columbia until he passed away. My mom and her three siblings sing all the time. Every family function we are at someone is singing. My two uncles also play the guitar. Once this learning project is complete, I would like to start learning to play the guitar. It is a bit different from the ukulele, but they are pretty much similar.

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