Why Are You Holding That Mini Guitar?

This week I decided to try out another website called Musiprof, to see if it could change my mind from last week’s terrible experience. This website pleasantly surprised me. The first thing that I noticed was some FAQs, as well as some other resources for learning the ukulele (Beginner ukulele books).

This week I focused on reinforcing my strumming skills, as well as my finger placement when playing with different cords. A difference between this website and last week’s was that this website also included videos from YouTube. I like how the website broke down learning chords individually and then combining two or three at a time into a song. I also got the chance to read music again which I haven’t done in a hot minute. Under each video there are some tips and tricks labelled. Under the 3rd chord that I learned (Am), for example, some tips used are:

  • Practice counting 1, 2, 3, 4 while playing this chord.
  • Make sure to play on the point of your finger and not the print, as to avoid muting the string below your finger.
  • Keep the finger round.

I find it helpful that the article includes tips beneath the video to serve as reminders.

yellow submarine for ukulele beginners

The website has linked at the bottom different songs for beginners which I think is really handy. I haven’t started to look at any of the songs yet but I will be checking out Rip Tide which is a very common song to play on the ukulele.The website also links different PDF’s of songs which I think is very smart for people to download and use what they wish. I feel like if I was a teacher teaching students to play the ukulele I would use these PDF’s provided to give students their own copy of the music.

One thought on “Why Are You Holding That Mini Guitar?”

  1. Hey Jaida!
    So sorry about your last week’s experience. It’s good to know that this week was good for you. I enjoyed reading your post as it relates to what I learned this week – strumming! You’re doing great Jaida. Keep it up!

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