Linking Ribble’s elements of digital Citizenship with the Saskatchewan Curriculum

1. The Digital world

Globalization has led to the concept of digital Citizenship which refers to the “set of relationships between rights, duties, participation in the civic community and identity, regarded as a social contract between the individual” (Arendes and Smith, 2018). Modern technology has had and continues to have various impacts on societies and human life in general.

Were you aware of the fact that there is a relationship between digital citizenship and some contents of Saskatchewan curriculum? In this Table, I used the Ribble’s nine elements of digital citizenship to show you how it connects with grade levels, subjects, and outcomes and indicators.

As you can see from the Table, it appears that the Ribble’s elements match mainly with the social science subject of the Saskatchewan Curriculum, and that they are mainly applicable with grade 3 students.

2. Digital Citizenship in my future classroom

I see myself as a future teacher teaching to my students how to act in an appropriate, responsible, and empowered way, and interact online with other peoples.  This will help them be better stewards of technology. In fact, you should consider integration of technology in your learning outcome. Research findings indicate that there is a positive trend in student learning outcomes when using mobile assessments in learning activities.

I will also try as possible I can, to incorporate the Ribble’s nine elements in my future classroom.

I hope that you learned something today!

Thank you for your time!


Arendese, A.; Smith, J. Economic transformation and emancipation through active citizenship education. Bulgarian Comparative Education Society Conference Books, v. 16 n. 6, p. 45–51, jun. 2018. Available at: Accessed October 22, 2022.

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