Coupling Brazilian Samba rhythm with Djembe

Hello everyone,

I am back with one more video from my learning project. This week, apart of training with my community for our coming local cultural event, I had the opportunity to learn about Samba Djembe. As you know, I spent 10 years of my life in Brazil (2010-2020), and I enjoyed Brazilian music. However, I did not know that the Samba rhythm can be coupled with Djembe. Therefore, it is called Samba Djembe. But, what is Samba Djembe?.

1. What is Samba Djembe and what does it look like?

Samba is a living music tradition heavily influenced by the drum rhythms of Africa. It is one of the most famous musical traditions in Brazil. Here are some Youtube videos of Samba Djembe.

2. Small history of Brazilian Samba

As you may know, like Canada, Brazil is a multicultural country and his music is influenced by many cultures including indigenous, Portuguese (trough colonization) and African (trough slavery). Of particular interest, it is known that more than four million of West African people (especially Yoruba and Bantu-Ewe) mostly from Angola were brought to Brazil as slave to work in sugar plantations.

3. Drumming and singing

The time is approaching for our cultural event, and we are continuing to gather and learn together. Here is a video of me and my community in preparation of the event.

I hope that you will be able to follow me till the event that will be held this November. I will be excited to share with you some pictures and videos of that.

Thank you for following me and do not hesitate to ask questions if you have.

2 thoughts on “Coupling Brazilian Samba rhythm with Djembe

  1. Hello Jean-Paul! What an excellent project, and how entertaining! I am passionate about music, as is dancing, and although I don’t practice it professionally, it is present in many areas of my life. Latin rhythms are contagious and joyful; among those are the samba, the music, and the dance, something I would love to learn! Good luck with that!

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