Round One: Brownies

In the first blog post I made introducing my learning project, I explained that I would be trying out an AI tool to help me come up with recipes to attempt in the following weeks. The AI tool/ website is called DishGen, and all you need to do is type the name of a specific dish you desire into the search engine (or a group of ingredients), and the website will give you a specially-made recipe to try out.

DishGen Homepage

As it turns out, DishGen has a ‘Demo Quota’ as to how many times you can use the search engine without being a member. To use this website more than once, a free account needs to be created to collect what is called search credits, and to save the recipes that are generated with the tool. I would still like to explore the world of baking with my learning project, but I am deciding if I want to find a different website with an AI-operated search engine, or use a variety of different sources. Read More