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For this week’s assigned blog post, I was to find a tech tool that I haven’t used before, and review it. I admit, I have used Kahoot! before (as mentioned in a previous blog post), but other than playing pre-made games on the website, I have not taken a real look at how the site works. Let’s take a look!

Kahoot! logo

You can create Kahoot! games (pre-made or your own) on your computer, or through the app. Kahoots are meant to be played in group settings. To join a game, you need a PIN to enter (that is unique to each game). If you are hosting the game, you will need a bigger screen to display the multiple choice questions. Players answer the questions on their own devices. In addition to live games, players can send Kahoot challenges that other players can complete at their own pace.

Host and player screens

Kahoot games can be created from scratch, using the “question bank” available to mix and match various question possibilities, editing templates, or customize existing Kahoots created by other users.

In assigned Kahoots, designed for student-paced learning activities, questions and answers are displayed on players’ screens. The host has the ability to either keep or remove the timer from the screen. Kahoots can be assigned as part of distance learning, review, and formative assessment.

Technology Tool Overview:

  • Features
    • Create a quiz in minutes
    • Add additional slides with the classic layout
    • Choose a pre-designed template for basis
    • Edit and duplicate pre-existing Kahoot games
    • Import questions from a spreadsheet
    • Available pre-made questions in question bank
    • Combine Kahoots
    • Insert YouTube videos into questions if desired
  • Gameplay
    • Host games live in-classroom or through video conference/zoom
    • Display questions/answers on students’ devices
    • Assign Kahoot games for review
    • True or false questions
    • Multiple choice
    • Adjust timer options
    • Toggle points between 0, 1000, and 2000
    • Share games directly with other Kahoot users
Host’s screen PIN menu




3 thoughts to “Kahoot! Overview- Tech Tools”

  1. Hi Jelisa
    This is a great review of Kahoot. I have only come into contact with it once before in my last pre internship and had help. I feel a wee more comfortable maybe trying it myself now. Thank you! Everyone talks about it, but I literally had no idea what it was prior to this march… we never created our own questions so i didn’t know that was possible. I can totally see more value in it now that I know it can tailored for a specific course or lesson. That’s way more useful! Thank you for your review!

  2. Hi Jelisa,
    Thanks for sharing the tips and tricks you have learned while exploring Kahoot! I have used and participated in many Kahoot! games and I believe that it is such a useful tool to utilize within the classroom. It keeps the students engaged and is a great tool to assess the students learnings. I liked that you did a tool overview at the end of your blog as it gives a good summary of what the tool is.

  3. Hi Jelisa,
    Thank you for sharing an invaluable insight into the versatility of Kahoot! It’s great to see you diving deeper into Kahoot and exploring its features beyond just playing pre-made games. Your review provides a clear overview of how Kahoot works and its potential for group engagement. This tool adds flexibility to asynchronous learning and assessment.

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