Mission Accomplished

Mission Accomplished

For my learning project I decided to try to learn how to bake. I never really liked baking because I would usually get stressed out if what I made did not come out perfect. However, after giving it a shot over the past few weeks I have learnt to like it.

Week One

In the first week, my goal was to accurately gage where my baking skills were at. So, I decided to bake something with an experienced baker, and bake something that I was familiar with.

I began by baking a Lemon Meringue Pie. Pie is something I was familiar with. The biggest thing I learnt from making the pie was that if I took my time and was patient, my baking would turn out good.

I finished the week by baking a Carrot Cake with my mother in-law. I enjoyed baking with her because she gave me many tips. The thing I took away from baking this cake was that trial and error is the best way to bake something delicious.

Week Two

In the second week, I wanted to bake something that was popularized by the internet. I ended up making Salted Butter Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookies. From baking these cookies I learnt that the internet is a great source for sharing recipes. I though about how interesting it is that you can learn to make anything and everything with one quick google search. I also learnt that shortbread does not look done when it is fully baked. Therefore, you have to feel the cookies to see if they are done and not go off by how they look.

Week Three

In the third week, I wanted to bake something that was far beyond my skill set. I decided to bake a Checkerboard Cake, which proved to be challenging. What I learned from baking this cake is that baking is about experimentation. I thought it was fun to tweak the recipe so that it was easier for me to make and learn from my mistakes.

Week Four

In the fourth week, we were asked to document our learning using a tool we were unfamiliar with. I used Adobe Premiere Rush to edit a video of myself making Chocolate Chip Cookies. What I learnt from doing this is that video editing is tedious. However, I decided to uses Adobe Premiere Rush to edit a video I made for a final project and it turned out great. It was exciting to experiment with something I was uncomfortable with.

End Results

In the end, I believe that I am capable of baking and would like to do more of it in the future. From this experience I learnt two major things: practice makes perfect and the internet is your best friend when learning a new skill.

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