Semester Wrap-Up

Semester Wrap-Up

This Spring, my EDTC 300 class was one of the most challenging classes I have taken in University so far. It was not challenging like a typical University class is, but it was challenging in the way it changed my perspective of technology. In this class, I was pushed out of my comfort zone and forced to face my fear of Social Media and online strangers. I was re-introduced to Social Media in a professional manner and was able to see how useful developing an online Professional Learning Network can be.

Below is a summary of how I helped others in their learning journey:


  1. I helped a classmate include their Bitmoji on their blog. See comments.
  2. I deepened a classmates thinking about the effects of remote learning on young children. See comments.


  1. I shared a chrome extension that a classmate found to be useful. See here.
  2. I shared instructions on how to create Bitmoji stickers. See here.
  3. I shared an article about teaching Black Lives Matter. See here.
  4. I contributed to a Twitter Discussion by sharing an article about social media detox. See here.
  5. I suggested a time management app to a classmate. See here.

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