I have improved!! – Pen Spinning

19 days ago, I have decided to learn the technique “charge” as my next skill for pen spinning. I remember saying it will be easier than the “thumbaround”.. BOY I was wrong!! I struggled more with learning this trick versus the thumbaround! It is mainly because I need to learn how to control individual fingers. In this case, my middle and ring fingers are having a hard time adjusting to just two of them moving.

This tutorial from KTrinh93 was very helpful!

I also looked up other tutorials, such as this one from Kapwing (This also includes 3 other tricks that I have yet to tackle!!)

gif from Peter Davis via Kapwing

I can do the “charge” trick decently, but I cannot do the continuous motion like the professionals do. I definitely need more time and effort to finally master this trick. With all the work/life balance plus the five subjects I have this semester, it is hard to lend a free time to learn pen spinning.



However, whenever I am studying, I keep the modified pen around me as a stress reliever tool! Additionally, I get to practice while being entertained and relieved. It is a win-win situation!!

This thought intrigued me, so I researched how pen spinning (in this article, they call it pen twirling) help relieve stress.

“Pen twirling, like most nervous habits, is used to calm anxiety. Common anxiety inducers include tests, presentations, public performances or judgment by peers. The rhythmic motion of twirling a pen helps students relieve stress from their mind and transfer it into a repeated action in their hands.” – Albert Chin

This article from “The Voice” explains it very well!

This is the showcase of my “charge” pen spinning trick:

I could tell that I still need improvements, such as learning to continuously do this trick. With next week being the last blog for the learning project, this does not stop my path to mastering pen spinning!


3 thoughts on “I have improved!! – Pen Spinning”

  1. Very cool! I enjoyed that article you linked to about pen twirling and anxiety. I like how you’re learning this neat skill but it can also be used as a self regulation tool.

  2. Hi Jozelle,
    That is amazing!.
    Everything comes with dedication and perseverance. AS you said, taking more time and putting more effort will definitely help you to master it. Good job!.

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