My Educational Philosophy

I think my educational philosophy is not yet set. As I grow and learn more I will be able to fully understand what my teaching philosophy is. For now most of what I believe about teaching comes from my family. My mother and my oldest sister are both teachers and I have learned much of what I believe from them, my coop teacher, and from my ECS professors.

I believe that teaching is not just a 9 to 3:30 job. It is much more. We are learning to become educators who have the passion to teach others and help others grow. I think the classroom is a space where all students should be accepted and safe space for learning. Teachers have a responsibility and a connection with their students. As a teacher we are the people who shape the future citizens of our society. So, we have a responsibility to make sure we shape them into the citizens we want in our society.


  • Inclusive education
  • Valuing every students perspectives and opinions
  • Hard work pays off
  • Every child deserves the opportunity to succeed
  • Making learning fun
  • Innovation in the classroom
  • Every Child Matters
  • Hands on Learning
  • Building meaningful relationships
  • A classroom should be a safe space for all students
  • One to one learning
  • decision making through democracy and consensus
  • Every student learns differently
  • sports teach important skills that might not be taught in the classroom

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