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Cracking the Code: Navigating the World of Technology

We live in an age where technology intertwines with every part of our lives (at least in my life..), Although I feel it is essential to evaluate my tech habits, I have not taken the time to do so. This could be because I rely so heavily on different forms of technology and I do not want to have to ‘take a break’ from them. With that being said, I invite you to join me as I dive into the subtle art of balancing my digital life while discovering how my tech habits impact my daily routines and personal well-being.


My Digital Hangouts: Unveiling My Most Frequently Used Platforms

Whether it be academic or social in nature, I have found that I have my personal social media ‘go-tos’, as I feel we all do. In my daily life, I have three different technology categories: 

  1. School, 
  1. Work, 
  • I have found that in my professional work routine as an exercise therapist/personal trainer, I spend a lot of my time with Excel, Google Docs, Instagram, Simple Set (exercise program development site), and Practice Perfect (booking for patients). As well as many different music sites during any class I may teach.
  1. Personal 
  • When I shift my focus to my personal life, I rely heavily on Instagram, Spotify, Crave/Netflix (etc.), Tiktok and so many more. Honestly, I use these resources way too frequently, commonly playing a movie/show or music in the background of anything I do at home.
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Tools for Success: Navigating the Sea of Productivity Apps

Staying organized and productive amid the chaos of my life is no small task. For organization, I have a more ‘old school’ approach, by having physical calendars, to-do lists, weekly schedules, and handwritten/printed notes. I’m not sure what it is, but the act of physically writing things down, checking them off, or highlighting them increased my likelihood of remembering it! I want to begin trying new apps/techniques for productivity, I believe this course is the perfect tool to help me find beneficial technology sources for productivity. 


Student on phone instead of studying

Distraction Dilemmas….

Acknowledging my tech-related distractions is a crucial step towards finding solutions to benefit my productivity. As I previously mentioned, a lot of my habits I do not want to ‘fix’, but…. For the sake of properly evaluating my tech habits, I took the time to notice the impact of all the resources I use! Personally, social media often lures me into what feels like a time-consuming vortex. To be honest, I am guilty of not having proper plans/resources that help to avoid forms of distraction, but that is what I am hoping to find in this journey. As a woman with ADHD, (that was not diagnosed until recently, and unmedicated) some of these habits I have developed throughout my entire life. One of these behaviors is my unintentional avoidance of tasks, also commonly known as procrastination. Which ultimately results in me dedicating every ounce of myself to this task as I complete it last minute. Another example is my need for background noise while I cook, clean, or complete work. I feel extremely uncomfortable with silence while I work, and because of this, I have developed the habit of playing music, podcasts, movies, etc. while I am working on something. 

To combat this, I have researched many strategies (that I have recently tried), like using timers during dedicated working hours and creating priority lists of tasks that require my attention first. I have also begun using educational resources as my ‘background noise’, an example would be anything I need to watch or read for classes. These may seem simple, but they have been critical in reclaiming control over my time and attention. 

P.S. If you’re looking for details on student inattention and distractibility in a world of technology take a look at American Psychological Association’s take on it. They provide information on behaviors to watch for, things to do as teachers, and elaborate on when to act as an educator!

Striking a Balance: Nurturing a Healthy Relationship with Technology

I have discovered that maintaining a healthy balance between screen time for academic purposes and personal well-being demands intentional efforts. Implementing new, simple tasks has helped prevent burnout and dedicate my attention to relevant tasks for a reasonable time. Additionally, I have tried to establish designated tech-free time during mealtimes and before bedtime to try and create a healthier relationship with technology and promote overall well-being. (honestly, it has been extremely difficult…)

Overall, understanding and reflecting on our daily tech habits is crucial. By identifying the platforms that dominate our lives, utilizing productivity tools, addressing distractions, and establishing boundaries, we can cultivate a better relationship with technology. This journey has allowed me to harness (some…) the power of technology for academic success while ensuring that my personal well-being remains a top priority.

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  • crs864

    Kendra, first off, super cool picture of you and your partner at the top of the page. Furthermore, I liked your title and overall layout. I am with you on the old-school approach to staying organized. I have a physical calendar which I write the due dates of all of the assignments for each class in, I then work backward and put the days on which I plan to work on each assignment. I then just work each day and do the things on my calendar. I find this keeps me more relaxed, because I also have a partner and two busy kids, so my schedule can be nuts. lol. Thank you for being so honest and candid.

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