EDTC 300,  Learning Project

Crafting My Own Teacher’s Lanyard for Roadways Literacy Academy

Hello fellow educators!! I have amazing news! I begin a new job quite sooner!! I will be starting a new job teaching grade 3 at Roadways Literacy Academy in Saskatoon, I wanted to add a personal touch to my daily routine. So, I decided to make a custom lanyard, not just as a practical item for my ID cards and keys, but as a symbol of my new journey. I  made sure I picked a durable nylon cord that could handle daily wear and tear, choosing white to provide a neutral tone and to look professional. This lanyard had to be sturdy, comfortable to wear, and stylish.

My design aimed for both style and function. I wanted a lanyard that would grab attention and maybe even spark some fun chats with students and staff. I decided on a square knot pattern, which is both strong and visually interesting.

The Making Process: Patience and Excitement

As I weaved the cords into a braid, I felt a mix of patience and excitement. This wasn’t just about making a lanyard, it was about preparing for a new chapter with enthusiasm and care. The rhythm of knotting was calming, much like the rhythm I hoped to find in my new classroom.

When I finished, I noticed that it wasn’t perfect. Some parts were a little uneven. But these imperfections didn’t bother me. Instead, they made the lanyard special, just like the unique journey I was about to start with my students.

Macrame lanyardMacrame Lanyard

Making this lanyard was like a mini-lesson in what’s to come. It taught me patience and reminded me of the detailed planning that teaching requires. It was a small, personal project, but it felt significant.

P.S. I spent less than $5 on this DIY lanyard, saving money and creating something one-of-a-kind. It’s not something you can buy off a shelf, it’s tailored just for me and my new job.

A Message to Fellow Educators

To other teachers and craft lovers, remember that the things you make yourself are more than just objects. They’re reflections of your passion and commitment. This lanyard isn’t just a tool for my job, it’s a reminder of the start of an exciting adventure at Roadways Literacy Academy.

Happy crafting, and best wishes for your own new beginnings!

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