EDTC 300,  Learning Project

Knot Your Average Week…

Embark on a journey with me as I dive into the world of macramé, exploring the art of knot-making and (attempting again…) creating a stunning wall hanging piece.

This week, I decided to revisit my macramé, armed with newfound determination and a promise to myself: to slow down, breathe, and watch my knots unravel with precision and grace.

As I settled into my space, I embarked on my project with a renewed sense of focus. Each knot became a deliberate goal between cord and my hands. Taking extra time to watch my knots was a game-changer. I observed each twist and turn with a keen eye, savoring the rhythmic process of creation.

DIY macrame wall hanging on a branch using laundry cord. The branch is hung against a shiplap wall

As the days passed and my wall hanging began to take shape, I marveled at the beauty that emerged from my patient hands. The intricate patterns and delicate textures came together to form a piece that was not just a decoration, but a reflection of my dedication and passion for the craft.

In the end, my journey through this weeks macramé taught me an invaluable lesson: sometimes, the most profound beauty lies in the act of slowing down, in taking the time to watch, to breathe, and to savor each moment of creation. So, I urge you to pick up your cords, untangle your knots, and embark on your own macramé adventure. Who knows what wonders you may create when you take that extra moment to watch your knots.

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