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At the start of this semester, I was somehow under the impression that by the end of this project I would be a yoga expert and basically capable of leading a yoga class to my future students. That is clearly not what happened during this learning project, but I am still proud of what I have learned and tried over this semester.

My goal was shifted along the way with an emphasis more on yoga breathing to help me destress. This has had a big impact on me personally because I found this semester to be especially challenging and stressful and I re-adjusted to in-person learning and a full course load (plus a full-day field placement) which I haven’t done since my second semester in my first year. So, the breathing strategies and the yin-style yoga really helped me learn that I can control my stress levels by practicing yoga.

As you can tell in my blogs, this project also had a major impact on me professionally. I was very fortunate to be placed in a classroom where my cooperating teacher incorporates yoga into her classroom and I was able to learn from her and also take in some valuable online resources.