FORE! New Skill Coming in Hot


When I first read the syllabus and saw the #LearningProject I was very excited with the amount of creativity and fun that the assignment required. Fortunately about one week before starting spring classes I went to the driving range for the first time.  I had lots of fun and found it to be a good way to release some aggression. Besides a few swings, I have no knowledge of any golf terminology or scoring system. My goal by the end of the semester is to know enough to be able to  teach someone else golf.

There are many reasons why I am interested in learning golf. One of the reasons is because I think it is important to stay active as well as continue to participate within the community, especially during these trying times. Another reason why I am interested in learning golf specifically is because I have been told golf is a good sport to practice mindfulness and staying calm. They say the more you get frustrated playing golf the worst you will do. Saying that I believe practicing deep breathing techniques is an essential part of playing golf.

In order to achieve my goal I have found many resources that I will refer to throughout the semester. Some of these resources include YouTube channels like: Meandmygolf as well as Paige Spiranac, who is a professional golf vlogger and GolfWOD, whose channel focuses more on fitness training surrounding golf. I have also downloaded an app called Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer. Overall I am excited to get out, enjoy the weather and get some exercise. I have scheduled my first game of golf at a Par 3 for this Wednesday. I will keep you all updated on my experience and performance!

Me at the driving range


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  1. Hey Kyla!
    I love this idea for your learning project. It has always been something I have wanted to learn as well but feel I never have the time! It’s a project that will get you outside and moving, which is everyone’s dream in this warm weather. It looks like you have a solid plan on how to tackle your learning project. I look forward to watching your progress! Good luck!

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