Beginning the Road to Blogging


My name is Kyla Figgitt and I am currently enrolled in the elementary education program at the University of Regina. Contrary to what most people would assume, even though I am apart of Gen Z I am not a fan of social media. In fact, I often go through phases where I completely delete all my social media. For instance, I have never had a Twitter account until this class. I am a little hesitant towards social media because in the past it has not been good for my mental health. In addition, I do not have a lot of experience blogging therefore I am timid towards the idea. I have always viewed blogging as an older outdated version of the modern YouTube vlogger. Saying this I am excited to learn new skills regarding technology and view social media in a new light. I am also looking forward to creating a platform where parents and coworkers can connect with me. I hope throughout the semester you find my blog intriguing to read. If you would like to know more about me or track my journey as a teacher please follow my Twitter.

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