Was it Worth it?


This past week I have decided to expand my knowledge on video editing, more specifically, HD Movie Maker Pro. I chose this because I thought it would be a great tool to use for assignments throughout my university journey. It could also be integrated into my future classroom. After this past week my overall feelings towards the app are indifferent.

At the beginning of the week I took the time to explore the free version of Movie Maker however I quickly realized the free version was garbage. you cannot save videos, you cannot do voice overs, and you do not have access to features except for the basics like: trim, crop, rotate. So I decided to bite the bullet and purchased the PRO version from the Microsoft Store for $18.99. Was it a smart purchase? maybe not but I did have fun playing around and I’m excited to use it again. Before I get into what I liked and did not like about HD Movie Maker Pro let me tell you about some of the features:

Starting a New Project-

Some of my favourite features:

Rotate Video- This feature allows you to rotate and flip your videos.

Slow Motion/Time-lapse- This feature allows you change the speed of your videos. *NOTE: the time lapse feature is for pictures only, to turn a video into a “time-lapse” use the slow motion feature to speed up the video.

Visual Effects- This feature allows you to overlay different effects on your video. *NOTE: this feature is different than the enhance video feature, which is used to change the contrast, exposure or hue of your video.

Video Collage- This feature allows you to make a video collage. You can upload different videos or the same video. You can also zoom in and zoom out of the selected videos. (I thought this feature was very cool with my golf videos because you can play the original as well as a close up of the ball)

What I liked:

  • Voice over feature
  • Video Collage feature
  • Slow motion/Time-lapse feature
  • Extract audio feature

What I did not like:

  • Effects were childlike and needed more options
  • Application runs a little slow (maybe just my computer)
  • videos would get messed up during the exporting process

Overall I am excited to continue creating projects with HD Movie Maker PRO but I don’t think it is worth $18.99. What do you think?


created using HD Movie Maker PRO


3 Replies to “Was it Worth it?”

  1. Kyla,
    Your video is so fun and creative! It really looks like you’re enjoying your learning project which is awesome to see! I was never one for golf but you make it look super fun! It also looks like you really mastered this video editing app! Thanks for the explaining and providing images of the video editor itself!

  2. Hey Kyla,

    Awesome video! I give you credit for learning golf as I never was one for it other than learning it in school for gym, I usually drive the cart if I go with friends! I liked your post and I enjoyed how you said what you did and did not like about the app as well as having pictures to go along with it!

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