The Adventures of Twitter


Exploring Twitter has definitely been an adventure for me. At first I was pretty hesitant towards the idea because I am not a fan of social media. However throughout these past few weeks I have become more optimistic on how having a Twitter can benefit me as a teacher.

One of the things I like about Twitter is the ability to connect with others and create a sense of community. Especially in todays global chaos being able to get know my classmates has made feel as if I was back at the University, instead of on zoom. Additionally, I also enjoy being able to share knowledge and learn tips from my peers. I now look at Twitter as sort of archive of teaching tools that I can access at any time during my career. Lastly, I have found it very comforting to have a community of teachers where I feel like I can be heard. Overall I have a good feeling that I will continue to enjoy Twitter more and more as class goes on. Saying this I still have some apprehensions regarding the app.

One of the aspects of twitter that is still a little bit of a struggle for me, is thinking of things to tweet about. I only want to tweet about topics that I am genuinely passionate and that coincide with my teaching philosophy. Therefore, I am struggling because I do not want to sound repetitive with my resources. Also, if I am being honest, I have some anxiety towards how others will perceive what I tweet. This leads me to overthink what I am typing. I know that with time and practice it become easier and easier.

All in all although I am not necessarily a social media person I think this class will be most beneficial for someone like me. If it wasnโ€™t for this class I donโ€™t think I would have ever started a Twitter account nor a professional digital identity. I am looking forward to continuing to expand my online identity because I know it will pay off later in my career.


#edtc300 #PRIDE This website has lots of good book resources and lesson plans (for all grades) to create LGBTQ inclusive classrooms and schools via @HRC

Step by step lesson plan to create class pride and encourage students to be proud of their unqiue talents #edtc300 #pride

HAPPY PRIDE!! ๐Ÿณ๏ธโ€๐ŸŒˆ #EDTC300 I wrote rainbow appreciation notes for my students in the B&A program. I hope you can pay it forward today and tell someone how much you love them #Pride2021

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Historica Canada has designed a guide and worksheets (available for download) to teaching Indigenous perspectives. The guide is designed to align with the current Canadian curriculum. #EDTC300

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2 Replies to “The Adventures of Twitter”

  1. I have much the similar experience with Twitter as I have been aware of how popular of a social media platform it has been and how it can connect different people. I have really noticed in the past week with our peers and fellow classmates sharing different resources that can help with online teaching as well as in person in the classroom. SaskEdChat is a really enjoyable experience and gave me the chance to learn from others and expand my knowledge on different topics. I have not been a major social media user although there is no denying that it is becoming more common and after time people can become more adjusted to it.

  2. I found your post interesting as I can relate to your post as I am not much a fan of most social media in this case Twitter however, every time I use Twitter, I am more open to using my account and my thoughts on it is changing and I am finding it more as a tool for educators. Prior to this class I did have Twitter but did not much use it until this class and I feel I am more open to using this social media. I can agree with you, one thing I do like is that is a great tool for sharing resources and connecting with our peers and friends. Thanks for your insight on twitter.

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