Welcome to my blog (my first!) for EC&I 834, “Designing for Online and Blended Learning”.

A little about me….well, I am not a school teacher, unlike most of my classmates.  (I have four daughters, and have nothing but the utmost respect for you all!  You have one of the most difficult jobs out there in my opinion.)

I started out my career as a research chemist, working in various industries and then in the UofR’s Greenhouse Gas Technology Centre.  Workplace safety was such a significant part of my experiences in industry, so I decided to pursue formal education in Occupational Health & Safety.  Eventually, through distance education, I obtained a certificate from Toronto Metropolitan University.  (I had young children at the time – kudos to my classmates who are juggling these priorities now!)  My employer recognized my efforts, and a new position was created for me: I am now the Health and Safety Services Coordinator for the Faculty of Engineering & Applied Science.

HAZMAT Training

With my new position, I decided to pursue (again) more formal education.  This time, I obtained a Master of Science in Occupational Health and Environmental Management.  This program was also entirely online, from Columbia Southern University in Alabama.  I also completed two online graduate courses from Tulane University in New Orleans, within the public health program.

So how did I end up a student in the Faculty of Education?

There are three reasons:

  1. I’ve realized that it’s great to be a “subject matter expert” in health and safety; BUT, I have a responsibility to teach our students and colleagues HOW to work safely, and how to foster a strong safety culture among our future engineers.  Development of engaging training content is a must.
  2. I have completed close to 20 online courses as a student.  In most cases, the subject matter itself was interesting, but the content was entirely based on power point or word documents; the class format also did not allow for any engagement with the instructor or other students.  There has to be a better way.
  3. Several years ago (pre-COVID), I attended a conference of ATD International.  It truly opened my eyes to the possibilities involved in online and blended learning.

That sums up why I’m here.  Looking forward to learning from you all!

About Lauren Bradshaw

Hello! I'm a Chemist and Health & Safety Advisor with the Faculty of Engineering & Applied Science, at the University of Regina. I've already completed a MSc in Occupational Health & Environmental Management, but have recently changed gears to pursue a Master's Certificate in Educational Technology and Media.
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2 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Amber says:

    Hi Lauren, you have an incredible learning journey! I worked onsite at Cory Potash a few summers ago as an admin assistant for my brother’s scaffolding company. I was very interested in the Health & Safety aspect of things. You have a BIG and important job.

    I think that this class will be very helpful for you with the direction you would like to take your course. I appreciate that even though you are working with adults, you are invested and eager to incorporate engaging activities into your teaching.

  2. taranpreet says:

    Hello Lauren

    It’s evident from your background and experiences that you have a strong foundation in both technical expertise and a deep commitment to occupational health and safety. Your transition into the role of Health and Safety Services Coordinator for the Faculty of Engineering & Applied Science demonstrates not only your dedication but also your adaptability and willingness to further your education to better serve your community.

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