Utilizing Feedly in EDTC 300

In my time so far at the University of Regina I have had the opportunity to learn about education in great detail, and part of this includes being introduced into the wide variety of articles and sources that can be used to assist both the teacher and the student in the classroom. I created a Feedly account and right away started becoming familiar with different article streaming categories that were of interest to me and I am continuing to look forward to what I will be able to learn about in the coming weeks of the semester.

I found the process for selecting information on Feedly enjoyable but also overwhelming, although this is welcome as it allows each educator to find information on material and topics that they enjoy. I adopted a process for finding sources where I placed education as a whole first, including sources such as TED-Ed and Edutopia. Following this I moved on to different branches of education which are directly connected with me, including educational technology, history, and inclusive education. Through searching the platform, different alerts were brought to my attention.

The first source I made sure to place into my feed was Edutopia as I found that there are articles uploaded on a fixed basis and they address current and vital issues that throughwhich students and teachers should be informed. The method in which information is passed on can differ between YouTube videos and written articles. I was drawn to this as I find that some students learn better through audio rather than visual, although other students may to prefer to read or write.

The second source was the inclusive class which is directly connected to the accompanying website. When reading this source, I was introduced to different concepts which are discussed in the inclusive education program, and the concept that I find most enjoyable is that many of these could be implemented by educators which have the chance to read the article. This article is recent as well and allows for the opportunity to ask possible questions.

The photo above highlights the different feeds that I have selected so far and are very useful.

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