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Let’s talk about Grammarly

Grammarly Review: A Writer's Best Friend?

I’ve tried the AI app Grammarly and I think it could be used in the classroom by the teacher or students by working as a writing assistant, but I wouldn’t use it from the first stage of the writing. I would let the students work on their own and paste it on Grammarly so they can reflect on their grammar, spelling, and writing styles.
It can help teachers time to revise the grammar and focus more on the writing goals, such as the message of the writing.
It can help students engage because they would have immediate feedback so they can move on to other goals.
It can help different learning styles, for example, visual learners, can visualize their errors and make corrections with the visual aid of the app.
On the ethical side, it can be tricky to not make students over-reliant on the app, but I would use it as a final step of the writing process, so they can visualize the suggestion only until the end.
I think it’s a great app to facilitate their writing skills and have personalized instant feedback. It’s challenging for teachers but I think there are a lot of techniques to make this app work for students and have a lot of benefits from it.

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