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This week I tried coding for the first time, I used Scratch because a friend told me it was easier. To be honest I was super confused, I have never coded anything and I didn’t really know the theory behind it.

Luckily the platform had video tutorials I followed and I think I could make something good out of it. I think it’s a great beginner-friendly platform because everything seems simple, you don’t have a lot of things that can make the process overwhelming so I liked that because I truly didn’t know anything about coding.

Even if it seems like it has simple blocks, it still has options such as customizing your characters and backgrounds to make it look cuter and stimulate your creativity.

Scratch (programming language) - Wikipedia

Nowadays people started choosing coding as a career and I think it may be due to the fact that software is increasing in popularity and there are not a lot of programmers which could mean a lot of jobs. And while doing this simple game I realized how tasks can be automatized and to solve problems can be made into coding to make the industry’s process effective.

I created a chasing game in Scratch which you can visualize here.


  • Bernice Hauck


    It’s true that people have jobs in this nowadays, but I would contend that people had jobs in coding even before technology got really complicated. Coding doesn’t necessarily have to involve robots and AI. Smaller, everyday things have various amounts of coding in them too, such as old telephones, certain lights, and even some older cars.


  • Alyssa Hildebrandt


    I really liked how these sites had videos as well to help navigate how to code and use these programs. I couldn’t have done it without the videos, I tried but I was completely lost. I think this would be fun for the kids to explore!

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