Summary of learning

Above is my summary of learning, sorry if I’m too bad at drawing, I thought it would be an interesting and fun way to wrap up this semester.
Also, I blame my tools, I did this only with the mouse pad. But it’s cute give it a go!


  • Miranda Ratt

    Amazing job! I am proud that you have gained so much from this learning project! Learning to play piano does not sound easy at all, especially reading the musical notes. You have come so far, I believe you will eventually get to where you want to be.

  • Justine David

    I can tell that you put lots of effort into this! You’re not bad at drawing. I’m glad that you got to learn how to play piano this semester and that you acknowledge your improvement throughout. Learning musical instruments is a real challenge. I’ve been there. The patience and dedication it takes is crazy. Kudos to you.

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