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Am I a TikToker now?

I’m a frequent user of TikTok for entertainment, but this will be the first time I actually create and post videos.

I found that the app has really good tools for making videos using your phone. I’m familiar with video editors on my laptop but I have never used one on my phone. I could find a lot of great tools such as cutting pieces from your video, you can find an immense variety of songs, add text, images, stickers, and so on.


Cut and edit your video


Songs and audios


Add texts


Add a caption to your video, hashtags, tags, location, etc.

This app can be taken into the class, but it would have to be done carefully. Especially if you’re teaching kids. TikTok often reaches tons of people and if you were to use it, I would suggest changing the settings so just the people that follow that account can visualize the videos.

Now, how it might be used to reach different levels of the SAMR model;

  • Substitution – Show videos about the topics taught in class, instead of lecturing.
  • Augmentation – Show students visually appealing videos with effects, and music, enhancing the overall quality of the videos shown in class.
  • Modification – Instead of traditional methods such as oral presentations or essays, students can create a small video of their topic. It would be more visual because they could insert images, and videos, making it more interesting for them.
  • Redefinition – Students use TikTok to create impactful videos. Make other students interact, and comment, resulting in a more interactive discussion.


You can visualize my own video showing my progress in my learning project! Here



  • Stephanie Voss

    Hi Maria! I also used Tik Tok as my new technology for showcasing my learning. I really appreciate the tools you can use while creating a video. I especially appreciate the option to add closed captioning to the video to support inclusivity! I was also on the fence about whether or not Tik Tok could be used in the classroom. On one hand, most students are very aware of how to use Tik Tok and can produce amazing videos, but you’re right, there is no limit to the amount of people these videos can reach. I think we should encourage students to take all the proper privacy precautions, as well as turning on the “friends only” viewing setting on their videos.

  • Aiden Lingelbach

    This tech is great! I have never thought of using TikTok as a learning tool instead of just an entertainment tool! These ideas on how to integrate it into a classroom is great! I especially love the use of the SAMR model and the different levels it can take!

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