Community Service

Community Service


I have volunteered for many events that happen in my community and I was part of the community service group for 3 years. We raised money for food, water and education for people in developing countries, we organize fundraisers for our local soup kitchen and bring awareness to issues in third world countries. We worked with Free The Children and took part in many of there fundraiser events. 

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I have attended WE DAY several times with this community service group

UROCK (Community Service and Kindness Group)

 I also was a member of UROCK a different community service group, in 2019. We helped out nonprofit organizations in my community in any way that we could.  we also raise money to buy Mittens and winter jackets for less fortunate students. We were active in the community, creating a float for the Christmas parade, contributing to the SE food drive oh, I’m having big sales raising money to donate to Serendipity (a none-profit store in the Yorkton)  we also created the kindness calendar and spread joy around the Sacred Heart High School with fun little activities throughout the year. 


I have also been babysitting children. I have cared for children between the ages of 6 months to 12 years old. 


I tutored a grade 6 girl in 2019 twice a week for the whole school year in math and reading. I helped her with her math homework and her comprehension and pronunciation in her reading. 


I have also volunteered at boys and girls after school program in Yorkton.   at the boys and girls after school program I help kids with their homework, reading, french, and was a helping hand wherever I could be.

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UROCK raised money through fundraising and bake sales and at the end of the year we donated books and toys to the Boys and Girls Afterschool Program (I am back row, six from the right) I have also attached a link to an article written about UROCK from the local paper


I was a member of the student representative council at my high school for three years. I was a member at Large,  my Social Representative, and finally the Vice-President. Throughout the years I have organized many events such as bake sales, spirit days, pep rallies and telemiracle auctions. I have made a crazy amount of posters and brought spirit to the school in any way I could think of. My goal was to help create a positive and safe environment where kids can learn and also have fun. 

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SHHS SRC welcoming our classmates on the first day of school! (i am in the mascot costume, two from the left)