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Week Two Reading Response

Attending K-12 from 1998-2011 the Tyler rationale, in addition to the curriculum-as-syllabus model, dictated most if not all of my schooling experiences. When I started to attend a few classes in University that operate on a discussion format, I was taken aback and didn’t know how to cope with such a starkly different form of…

By Michaela January 14, 2020 7

Week One Reading Response

Kumashiro defines common sense as “what everyone should know” (2009, p. XXIX). As he learned, it is a thing that is common to a group of people, not to all of humanity. However we as Westerners can often, if not most of the time, treat our own “common sense” as if it were the basis…

By Michaela January 6, 2020 0