Exploring the World of Feedly

In my EDTC 300 class, we were introduced to RSS reader platforms such as Feedly and Inoreader. I decided to explore Feedly because I was simply drawn to the name. Setting up an account was very easy— all I had to do was link my Google account and everything was set up for me. Then I proceeded to follow some blogs that connected to education, but I quickly realized that not all blog posts that popped up from my search were relevant to the topic. Some blogs were more focused on the political aspect of education/educators, while some focused on technological aspects of education. Although I’m interested in other educator’s opinions and thoughts, I tried to focus on blogs that are more informative and useful rather than personal interpretative blogs. I also watched out for the frequency of posts— I wanted sources that at least posted one article a month.

A source I found to be very useful is Free Technology for Teachers. With 14 articles per week on all sorts of useful tips and tricks for technology, this source has everything an educator must know. Moving files and sorting files on Google Docs may be simple enough to figure out with a simple search, but having all these resources in one reliable source makes life much easier. Technology isn’t everybody’s strong suit, and having Free Technology for Teachers in your favorited website will definitely help in the future.

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