Nail Day 4: We All Need a Break..

For Nail Day 4, I’ve decided to use a new app to record my process. I wanted to make a brief video from beginning to the finished product, and I chose an app called Filmmaker Pro. Although it says “pro,” I didn’t actually have to pay for it. With the app being free, I expected it to have limited tools and edits, but I was quite surprised with how versatile it is.

The app size is 373.2 MB which is quite large, but the download didn’t take too long. I could see from the previews that the app has all the features I needed: combining multiple videos, snipping unwanted parts of the videos, and a voiceover function.

As you can see in the picture beside, the app comes with multiple features despite it being free. Even for a first time, the app was very easy to navigate. The icons made it easy to distinguish between the different edits.

After selecting the videos, I trimmed the unwanted sections, which was very easy to do. Once I was happy with what I had, I did a voiceover to make the video more interesting to watch.

Overall, I definitely recommend this app for anyone wanting to edit their videos, especially for quick and simple edits like mine. I liked that it was very easy to figure it out without a tutorial and navigate with ease, and all the edits were available for free. The only downside is that this app wouldn’t be suitable for someone who is looking for a professional editor. This app is more suitable for basic edits, which I think works great for my project.

Because this app is so easy to use, I would definitely recommend using it in classrooms. It’s available on Windows and IOS, as well as on mobile devices. I think it’s simple enough for students to use for projects that require multiple videos without having to pay for it. On the SAMR Model, I think Filmmaker Pro fits on the Modification level because it allows the users to access different edits that are difficult to do without the help of an app or a tool.

As I mentioned before, I did a voiceover to explain each process and to make the video more interesting. For this set’s design, I used a tutorial I found on YouTube. I did French Tip on my index and middle finger, and solid colours on the rest. I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did when making it, and let me know what you think in the comments!

4 Replies to “Nail Day 4: We All Need a Break..”

  1. I love this so much! Your video seemed so professional and your nails are amazing! You did a fantastic job explaining the app and also explaining your nail process. I love that you spared your previous nails for the sake of the learning project, that is dedication! I think this app would definitely work in the classroom and it gives a really polished finish! Great job overall! I want your nail skills 🙃

  2. Janet Firth says: Reply

    Looks professionally done and your video was easy to follow along. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  3. You really crushed this video. It seemed very well made and I really enjoyed the voiceover. I don’t know much about nails but feels like I just learned a lot. The app you used also seemed to work really well, and you are right it would be a good app in a classroom. Overall great job, looking forward to your next post.

  4. Ashley Peterman says: Reply

    Hey there!
    I really enjoyed watching the video that you have created this week. The voiceover was great to add. Not only were you saying what you are doing, but you explained why and added in detail when needed. It made the video have more of a welcoming feeling and like we were having a conversation, rather than just watching a basic tutorial. Awesome job and I absolutely loved how the nails turned out!
    – Ashley

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