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My Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is something I ponder often. For myself as a future teacher I recognize that a teaching philosophy is critical to my practice as a teacher. My teaching philosophy is built on my knowledge, personal experiences and dreams.

A major factor of my teaching philosophy is adaptation. I believe every student has the right to the best possible education. In order to give my students, the best education I need to be able to adapt to the individual needs of my students. Each student is different, and each student will need different accommodations and supports. Adaptations will allow students to stay focused and on task. As a future teacher students’ success is important to me. Implementingaccommodations will allow the students the freedom to succeed in a secure place.

Students need a safe inclusive stimulating environment to allow them to grow physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. Students spend an excessive amount of time in the classroom, so it is critical that the students are comfortable and feel safe. In my classroom students will feel safe and will be able to freely express themselves. My classroom will be inclusive to students. I will teach my students about inclusiveness. Students will celebrate the diversity in the classroom and learn the importance of inclusion.

Another big aspect of my teaching philosophy is using a variety of teaching and evaluation methods in the classroom. When using different teaching methods in the classroom all types of learners have a chance to learn and comprehend the information. Using a variety of methods also allows student to practice the learning methods they may not have fully developed yet. I will demonstrate the curriculum in ways that incorporate each different learning style, as well as make the content relevant to the students’ lives. It is also important to use different means of evaluation in the classroom. Not all students do well in traditional evaluations so it’s important to use various evaluation methods to truly trace student development. Using various learning and evaluation methods will give students all the necessities they need to succeed.

Group work is an essential part to my educational philosophy. Group work allows students to learn important communication skills. I believe that communication skills are essential for self-expression and building relationships. Group work grants students with the ability to create social relationships. Building relationships through group work will help my students to develop socially and emotionally. I believe in students teaching students. In a peer group setting students can practice learning methods like scaffolding and they can also lead there learning experience. I will expose my students to contradicting views and opinions so they can accept that others may not always have the same ideas of them. To me communication is a strong priority in my educational philosophy because the assets it provides to students are mandatory for success and expression.

Interactive and intriguing lessons are the most critical aspect of my teaching philosophy. This part of my teaching philosophy is derived from my personal experiences as a learner. Captivating and hands on lessons make the students more engaged and as a result the students gain more form the experience. I will allow my student the opportunity to creatively explore and imagine. My students will learn to do by doing. As a teacher I will give my students the opportunity to guide their own learning exploration through experiences. I intend to join my students on their learning experiences rather than guide the experiences. I will support my students through the learning process and encourage their effort to succeed.

I understand that my teaching philosophy is a career long commitment. As I grow and learn my philosophy will grow with me. I aspire to grow and learn with my students throughout my career. I can’t wait to get started!

I Believe……..

My Teaching Manifesto

Students should be welcomed into an inclusive environment.

Diversity should not only be excepted but celebrated.

New ideas should be brought into the classroom.

Physical activity is a very important part of learning.

Creating hands on lessons.

Every student has different needs.

Students should see a teacher as a support.

Everyone learns at their own pace.

The classroom should be an inviting space for students to enjoy.

It’s important to create a classroom environment that is accommodating to all abilities.

Students should be free to create without limits.

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