In my field placement I was exposed to a lot of new resources. I learned about a lot of new resources that I would like and will using in my own classroom in the future. The first main resource I learned about in my placement was seesaw it is great resource for connecting home and classroom. I also learned about GoNoodle which is a great resource with a huge variety of movement break activities. My teacher also shared a resource with me that she created, called ball words to help students learn sight words.

Seesaw was one of the most beneficial resources I got to learn about in my placement. Seesaw is a great app for students, teachers and parents that help everyone stay connected to what’s happening in the classroom. In my placement classroom students are trained on how to use Seesaw. The know how to log on and how to add photos. Throughout the day students get to add their work then the teacher can approve it then the families can see it. This is a great resource to help bridge the gap between school life and home life.

Seesaw - The Park School

Another great resource I was exposed to in my placement is GoNoodle. GoNoodle is a site that has a large variety of movement break activities. The activities are quick and easy to access they come in a variety of lengths and levels. Therefore I think this is a great resource to have in my pocket as I begin my teaching journey.


My supervising teacher also shared one of the resources she created, called ball words. The ball words are levelled sight readings words for the kids to work through. All the kids start at the first level and once they can read all the words on that level without hesitation then they move to the next level and so on. This is a great resource cause its easy for the students to just pull them out and work on at any given time. Moving forward in my own classroom in the future this is definitely something I would like to use.

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