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Signing off- My ASL Learning Journey

This is the conclusion of my learning project. I actually really enjoyed the EDTC 300 project because it challenged us to learn something new. Not only did I learn a new skill but I also learned how to find online resource and what types of resources I learn best from. I found throughout this project the most useful resources where videos because they allowed me to visual see and here the ASL sign.

15 tips for learning American Sign Language - Lingvano ASL
15 Tips for Learning American Sign Language

My ASL Learning Journey……..

Week 1-Learning Project- Throwback to Kindergarten with ASL Letters. In the first week of my learning project I started off with the very basics the letters. I used learning resources like YouTube videos and an ASL Learning app. I was actually surprised how fast I caught on which made me hopeful for the next week of learning.

Week 2- Easy as 1, 2, 3………Maybe? In week 2 of my ASL learning I seemed to hit a road block. Learning the All numbers seemed to be trickier then I expected because you had to use certain fingers to represent certain numbers. I continued to use resources like videos and apps because I found they were the easiest way for me to learn. Although I struggled to learn the numbers with a bit of extra practice I was able to master them and get ready for week 3.

Week 3- Yes, no and maybe so…… all entailed in this weeks learning. Week 3 marked the half way point of my learning project. I really liked this week of learning because I moved from the basics like numbers and letters to important things like common phrases. Learning these phrases really helped me to feel like I was final learning ASL. Which made me excited for the coming weeks of learning

Week 4- The home stretch of learning ASL is in sight! In week 4 of learning I expanded my knowledge and kept learning new phrases and common words. I found it challenging to find a good list of common phrase to learn so I decided next week I could go back to focusing on categories of learning. For week 4 of learning I relied on two main YouTube channels that were both super visual. With week 5 category of learning picked out I was excited to move on.

Week 5- Tik Tok for learning? …You can’t be serious. In week 5 of my learning project I really challenged myself to go outside the box and find some new leaning resources. This led me to Tik Tok. I was surprised to find such a large ASL learning community on Tik Tok which made it really easy to find resources to learn the days of the week, the months and some weather terms. Looking back I think that week 5 was my favourite week of learning for the simple reason that I was so happy to find an ASL community.

Week 6- What ASL for Babies? For week 6 I decided to take a bit of a different approach to my learning project. Instead of learning different signs I decided to search baby sign and learn more about it as a whole. I learned what baby sign is, why people use it and when you can start teaching it. In my final week of learning I tried to use some new resources so I used blogs and articles to guide my final week of learning. Overall I really liked this change of pace in the final week of my learning project.

When reflecting back on my learning project I am so proud to see how far I have come in six weeks. I am so glad I choose to learn ASL and as I continue to learn ASL beyond this class I will definitely to use the resources I found in this class like some YouTube channels and the ASL Tik Tok community. For anyone who is considering learning ASL I would definitely recommend finding and joining All learning communities on Tik Tok or Facebook right away because they where a huge inspiration to my learning. Thank you Katia for the challenge I have found a new passion I can’t wait to couture learning.

What ASL for Babies?

Baby Sign Language.

For the final week of my learning project I decided to take a different approach. For this week’s learning I focused on learning about baby sign. I wanted to know if it was common for people to use them and if they actually worked? I also decided that a research style learning this week would allow me to use some new resources like journals and articles that I haven’t really used throughout this learning project. I also wanted to learn a few of the signs but for the most part I wanted to learn how common the signs are and more about the baby sign as a whole.

For this weeks learning I used two main sources. I started off by using a resource that would help me become familiar with the different signs. The resource I used was How to Teach Baby 25 Key Words in Baby Sign Language. The format of this resource was super easy to follow and learn from. The different signs where labelled then described and also had a picture attached to demonstrate the sign. Once I had made myself familiar with a few of the signs I choose to move onto the research aspect of this weeks learning.

How to Teach Baby Sign Language: 25 Baby Signs to Know
The Bump

I started off the research aspect of this weeks learning by searching “How common is sign for babies”. From this search I found a really good website “Baby Sign Language: When, How and Why to Try It”. This website told me everything I need to know about sign language for babies like when to start teaching it, how to teach it and why to teach it. The website define baby sign by saying, “Baby sign language is an effective way to help your child communicate, allowing your non-verbal little one to express his needs before he knows how to use words.” It also noted teaching your child sign can help avoid a lot of frustration caused by trying to communicate which I think would be very helpful for myself this summer when I’m working at the daycare because I know how frustrating communication can be. I was surprised that the website suggested you can begin teaching sign between 8-9 months it seemed so young but I guess the sooner you can communicate the better. I was also surprised to learn that teaching you baby sign can actually help them start to verbally speak sooner because they become more excited to communicate.

Reflecting on this week of learning I am super glad I decided to take a different approach with this week. I definitely think teaching sign to babies does have lots of benefit and this is defiantly something I will keep in mind for when I have kids. This concludes the learning aspect of my learning project thanks for following along.

Tik Tok for learning? …You can’t be serious.

For week 5 of my ASL learning project I focused on the months of the year, the days of the week and a few weather characteritics. This week I tried to challenge myself and use unique resources to learn. In this process I was able to find a discover an entire new ASL learning community. I began my learning project for the week by creating a Tok Tok account. I know weird I’m a 19 year old without a Tik Tok account or at least I was. 😉 Once I downloaded the app I went to the search option and typed in ASL. I was completely astonished to see how many results I found. I started to scroll through the content and it seemed like I could almost learn any ASL I had very imagined thought Tik Tok. I had discovered a thriving ASL learning community in the most unexpected place. I decided to refine my search to a more specific topic and see the resources I could find. I managed to find one account that had a great learning video for the months of the year. I followed along with this video and watched it numerous times till I eventually caught on. I really liked this resource because the women verbally talked out the actions and demonstrated the signs clearly. The other main resource I used for this weeks learning was the YouTube Channel Learn How To Sign. I have used this channel in previous week but I seem to always come back to it. The women in the video does a lot of verbal explanation and she always describes and demonstrates each sign couple of times. I would 10/10 recommend this YouTube Channel to any ASL learners.

My results when searching ASL on Tik Tok.

Reflecting back on this weeks learning experience I would defiantly consider this a win. I had the opportunity to discover a thriving ASL learning community which will definitely help me in my future learning ASL. I also learned not of content in a responsible time frame thanks to the great online resources I found. Next week I plan to review my learning this far and then create a plan to continue my learning. Thanks for following along on my ASL journey.

Here is a video that capture my learnings this week.

The home stretch of learning ASL is in sight!

For week 4 of my learning project I choose to focus on expanding my knowledge of the common words and phrases. This week learning went rather smoothly, and I feel like I developed a strong understanding for many different signs. I started this week learning off by search google looking for common sentences or words to learn when you’re learning a new language. From this search results I found a lot of helpful ideas of different sentences I could focus on learning this week in ASL. However, I also found that a lot of the suggestions pertain to travelling because most often when someone is learning a new language it is for tourist purposes which I found interesting. This brought me to thinking about how it would be to travel to a place where everyone communicating through ASL. This is honestly kind of a fascinating thought it was interesting to think about the different things in my life, but I read every day without actually knowing I’m reading. In a place where people only communicated through ASL what they have images of the hands doing the signs or symbols? What do you think?

After finding a variety of words and terms I wanted to learn I started looking for some resources to help me learn them. In my past weeks of the learning project I’ve had my best luck learning through videos, so I naturally turned to YouTube do you help me find videos explaining the ASL signs for each term I wanted to learn. Since I used a lot of different videos for this week’s learning, I’m not going to touch on every single one however I will share two YouTube channels I have found helpful for this week’s learning. The first channel I used is called Learn How to Sign. I think I may have use this channel for a resource a couple weeks back. However, I really like this channel, so I decided to use it again this week. I like this channel for a few main reasons. The first reason is the women organizes the different signs into categories so the video I used this week focused specifically on family which made it easy to find all the different terms I was looking for in one spot. The second reason I really like this channel is because the women is also vocal. Recently I found that lots of the ASL learning videos are silent which makes sense but for me it is harder to learn I like vocals while I’m learning. In these videos the women provide an explanation of the sign and then demonstrates it. Few times which really allows me to examine her hand movements. The second YouTube channel I used this week is called eHow. This channel provides very short videos with one sign per video which is handy when you are looking for one specific word. However, the man in these videos doesn’t really explain the different signs so it’s a bit more tricky to grasp. I would say both resources are great overall it depends what you need to have a preference on over another.

Heres my learning progress for Week 4

Reflecting on this week one of my main struggles was actually finding terms I should learn so carrying forward to next week I have decided to put my learning into categories to make it easier to learn. Next week I have decided I will focus on the 12 months, the days of the week and the weather. In as I have mainly relied on YouTube to produce videos for my learning resources. However, in this coming week I am challenging myself to you as a video resource found somewhere other than Youtube perhaps Tik-Tok or my ASL learning Facebook page that I have joined. Wish me luck as I search for new learning resources in the closing weeks of my learning project.

Yes, no and maybe so…… all entailed in this weeks learning.

This week of my learning project I choose to focus on learning common words and simple phrases. I was actually surprised by how easy some of the terms were to learn. The main struggle I had this week was based around word order. In ASL when you sign you format the sentence in object, subject then verb OSV. I watched on video that described the difference between OSV and Signing as we see (SEE). The video really allowed me to understand the difference. In sign they tend to cut out certain words so saying “Sign I Learn” is shorter and easier to say in ASL then “I’m learning sign language”. From my experience with learning French in school I noticed that in the French language they also order the words differently then we do. Overall I would say that this weeks learning went much beyond just exploring the signs because I got to focus in on some of the structural aspects of ASL.

The first week of my learning project I heavily relied on apps as the main resource for my learning. Last week I used videos and a few images as my main resource for learning. This week I tired to find new types of resources to use for my learning. However I found the to be a struggle, since ASL is such a visual thing it is hard to learn it through text and even pictures at times. SO I ended up using a variety of websites and videos as my ASL teacher this week. The main website I used for my learning was Cudoo. Cudoo provided a text description of how to perform each sign and a video that demonstrated it. I liked that the website offered both a text and video explanation because it allowed me to practice my comprehension by reading the text and also my visual interpretation by viewing the video. The only downside to Cudoo was that it only covered 11 terms in total. After learning all the terms provided in Cudoo I decided to learn some other short sentences I found important by using YouTube videos. In this process I manged to find a YouTube channel that shows All demonstrations. The channel is called Sign Language Dictionary and it has various short videos that demonstrate how to perform different signs. There was a few main things I really liked about the sign language dictionary channel. First of I liked that it provided a break down of the sign and also used relations to make the signs easier to remember. Secondly I really liked that the idol where short and just covered one term because that made it easy to find the sign I was looking for a not waste a lot of time. Overall I would say my two resources this week were both very strong and I would definitely recommended both of them to anyone else learning ASL.

Week 3 Learning Progress Video

Concluding this week of the learning project and looking ahead at the coming weeks of learning I am starting to feel a bit stumped on new resource forms to try. That being said I decided to join a Facebook page called “American Sign Language for All”. I thought joining this page might help me find more resources to use for my learning in the coming weeks. going this group has also provided me with various insights and resources into the deaf and hard of hearing community which is a super amazing thing to be exposed to while learning ASL.

The ASL FaceBook Group I Joined

In week 4 of my learning project I am going to expand my learning and try to learn some larger sentences that will allow me to carry on a basic conversation in ASL. At this point I am not completely sure of the virtual resources I will be using next week but likely some videos and hopefully maybe another website. Thats all I have for today wish me luck on week 4 of learning!

Here is some bonus content of my learning. Between week 2 and week 3 I decided to add the learning of colours to my learning plan. I found learning the colours rather easy because I found one video called “Learning how to sign colours in ASL” that explained and demonstrated the signs clearly which made it easy to pick up on. Check out my learning in the video below.

Bonus Content- ASL Colors

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