Using Canva To Create My Crochet Portfolio

This week, I decided to try out designing a virtual portfolio for the completed crochet work I have done so far! For this, I chose to use Canva, a tool to make videos and presentations!

Since I have completed two pieces, a washcloth using the single crochet technique and another using the double crochet technique, they are the two I chose to include in my portfolio so far.

This week, I started working on a potholder using the double crochet technique. By continuing to practice this stitch, I have become much more confident with my skills and I have become a lot faster as well. I would say that overall, I prefer the double crochet since I find it easier and it takes a lot less time to complete a piece than using the single crochet stitch.

Work in progress

The next time I start a piece, I plan to add to my portfolio by using other #edtech resources and creating a timelapse video of my progress!

I can’t wait to continue completing new pieces and making new things so I can add them to my portfolio each week!

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