Feeling Proud Of My Progress

Piece #1: Potholder/Kitten Blanket

This week, I made a small pot holder using the double crochet method. Once again, I used a nice colour gradient yarn and this time it was a mix of purple, blue, and green. Making this piece was very relaxing and fun because it was a stitch I was familiar with and I could do it without following any videos or online tutorials, which made me feel extremely confident in my abilities.

There were only a few minor errors with this piece such as a looser stitch which caused a bit of a hole in the middle left side of the potholder so I have a goal for myself to work on consistency with the size of my stitches.

I actually ended up adopting an approximately 6-week old kitten that was abandoned on a farm this past weekend. He really liked the crochet potholder I made so he just might be able to keep it as a blanket! ?

Piece #2: Successful Crochet Heart

My first “failed” attempt vs my successful attempt
My successful attempt at a crochet heart!

This week, I also worked on making progress from last week. I was very determined to create a crochet heart that actually looked like a heart using the proper stitches which include the chain stitch, the double crochet stitch, the treble stitch (or triple crochet stitch), and a slip stitch.

Since I had been working on a different piece recently which involved the double crochet, I felt a lot more confident this week to attempt the crochet heart. Once again, I followed this video from YouTube that I had used for a previous piece, but I also went to TikTok to see if there were any similar tutorials for the same mini crochet heart, and I was able to find quite a few helpful videos!

I found it super useful to watch multiple videos on how to make the same thing before attempting it myself. I am primarily a visual learner so I usually need to watch how something is done multiple times in order to be able to do it myself, especially when I am doing something I have never done before or I am not very experienced with such as crochet. One of the problems I have had throughout my experience with crochet is trying to attempt to make things when maybe I haven’t watched the video fully before starting or before knowing all the stitches needed to make the piece. After my experience last week with my failed attempt at the crochet heart, I knew I would need to make sure I was prepared before even thinking of grabbing my crochet hook and yarn.

I want to continue making a few more of these mini crochet hearts so that I can feel super confident in my abilities and keep practicing since I found them super fun to make! I’d like to see if I can improve on how long it takes me to make them and see if I can do it any faster.

I am also going to challenge myself to find one thing on TikTok or YouTube to make this week!

2 thoughts on “Feeling Proud Of My Progress

  1. Hi Madison! That’s amazing that you can make the pot holder without following any videos or tutorials! I would love to learn to crochet some day – I think it’s a great activity to do as a bit of “me time” or self care downtime. It also seems like you’re getting a good handle on your learning preferences, which I’m sure will be helpful when you learn new skills in the future! Your heart turned out great, too, and your new kitten is adorable!

  2. Hello! I love that the pot holder turned into a kitten blanket! I did somewhat of the same thing when I was first learning how to crochet. I had practiced starting to make a blanket, but it wasn’t going very well so I kept it as a mini blanket for our cat who was a kitten at the time, haha.
    Your pot holder looks much better than the blanket I made though!
    Also, I love the heart! It is so cute 🙂

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