Counting and Fingerspelling

For my learning project this week I watched Sign Language 101 Lesson 3. This week we learnt some everyday signs and short phrases, as well as numbers 21-30. I do enjoy these videos; however, a lot of information is given to you and there’s no time to practice or process the information in chunks. Last lesson there was a quiz which I enjoyed but this week there wasn’t.

I have now learnt the numbers 1-30 in ASL, which is pretty exciting to me! So below I have made a video of me signing numbers 1-30:

This week I found a fun ASL alphabet game. It’s called Fingerspelling. This was a great review game for me. It uses a webcam to watch your hands motions. There’s four levels and it gives you 10 words to spell during each level and there’s a timer at the top. I created a video of me using it here:

As you will see in the video, they show you on the right how to do the sign but I tried to ignore that and only look at the letter and then remember how to do the letter myself. I think this is a great review game if you are learning ASL or for your students to use. The only thing is it only goes over the alphabet, no other signs. I would also say that I will probably only use it once as each time you go to play, the levels always have the same pre-set words, so if you get through all the levels quickly, it’s probably only a one time use for you.

Just a little side note: I used Screencastify to record my Fingerspelling video but when using the editing tool on Screencastify you can’t put video over it to edit. With some additional research I found out you can use the video editor on YouTube after you post and add music. Once I looked up how to use it, it was super simple and easy! Here’s a screenshot of the page you edit on:

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3 Responses to Counting and Fingerspelling

  1. Julie F. says:

    This is a super cool, I definitely want to try out the finger spelling game! I also really liked the video you added. It’s such a different way to not only learn ASL finger spelling but its also a nice support to anyone wanting to learn by watching! I think you did a super great job this week! I am also learning ASL and I think it is such a beneficial tool to bring into the classroom with us! Even if all we know or remember from this learning project is how to finger spell we still open a window of opportunity for deaf, hearing impaired and in general all students in our classrooms!

  2. Linnette Guderyan says:

    Love the video you added! I look forward to seeing how you incorporate your learning project into your future classroom! Great job!

  3. Jana Ross says:

    I love your learning project, I am sure you will use it in your future classroom at some point. I even used sign with my hearing children (one of my children refused to talk until age 5 even though he was capable- he talks now!). I enjoyed reading about your use of Screencastify because this is something I am interested in figuring out. I am relieved to hear that it is doable! Some of the open-source tools available (DaVinci Resolve, for example) have been time-consuming for me! Best of luck with your sign language!

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