Reflecting on my Learning Journey

We are now at the end of our learning project journey. As I reflect I realize the many changes I have made from the beginning and am proud of what I have accomplished. Below I have reflected on each week of this project:

Week 1Beginning of my Learning ASL Journey

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-I wanted to learn ASL so if I have a student who is hard of hearing or deaf I can at least have some basic knowledge of the language to communicate with them

-My only knowledge of ASL was the alphabet

-I made an account on the website Lingvano and an app called Ace ASL

-Plan was to follow along with the modules on Lingvano

Week 2Things Don’t Always go as Planned…and that’s Ok!

-Found that “Lingvano” was not a website that I wanted to use anymore for my learning as it cost money to continue with the modules

-Started watching Youtube videos from Sign Language 101

-Learnt that people may sign words differently as every person has their own unique style of signing

-Learnt about iconic signs

Week 3Screencastify and my ASL Journey

-Watched lesson 2 of Sign Language 101

-Used Screencastify to record a quiz from Sign Language 101 and then used the editing tools to document my answers

Week 4Counting and Fingerspelling

-Watched lesson 3 of Sign Language 101

-I made a video of me signing numbers 1-30. I was pretty pumped that I was able to count that high in ASL

-Found the game Fingerspelling which I really enjoyed using to review the alphabet

-Made a video on how to use Fingerspelling

Week 5New Addition to my Learning Resources

-Watched lesson 4 of Sign Language 101, however I realized that this was not the main resource I wanted to use to learn ASL anymore, it’s a great extra tool but was not working with my learning style as the main source

-Signed up for ASLConnect (and I still really enjoy using it)

-Using Screencastify, I made two videos of me practicing my signing on ASLConnect

Week 6Deaf Culture

-I was so happy because I learnt how to have a basic introduction conversation with someone in sign, so I made a video of it

-Watched lesson 5 of Sign Language 101

-Learnt a fingerspelling practicing technique which is to fingerspell things in your house as you see them

-Talked a bit about deaf culture since my instructor in Sign Language 101 reminded me that learning about the culture in any language is important

What I learnt from this experience:

What I have found from my journey so far is that being able to practice after given small bits of information is key for my learning. I favorited resources that gave me time to practice versus the ones that didn’t, I found those ones went to quickly for me to be able to fully comprehend what I learnt. I only found one game online for ASL (I was hoping to find more) but it was so fun! I feel when you are learning something, playing a game that incorporates the knowledge always helps you to learn better.

Some key things I have learnt that I want to share:
-Facial expressions are key to interacting with someone through sign

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-Just like any language, people have their own unique style of signing

-Even if you don’t know ASL, there are “iconic signs”-ones that are visually representative of the word (for example: anyone would be able to recognize the word ‘swim’). So really when you think about it, you do know some sign already!

-I have found it quite useful to see myself on the screen when practicing sign

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After this class is over, I will continue on with my ASL journey. I am glad we have had the time to reflect on which resources we liked or didn’t like because now I know what works best for me. I’m looking forward to using this new skill in my classroom, whether it’s to communicate with a member of my school or just to teach my students so they have some basic knowledge of ASL.

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