Reading Response: Common Sense

This article is very interesting, it provided a different way of looking at common sense. Common sense is that knowledge that everyone seems to have, it is the things that you do not have to even think about before you do because they just make sense. The article explains that common sense means something different depending on your environment, and culture. This teacher’s experience in a country that was foreign to them, and the difference between the education system they grew up in and the system they was now a part of. In the article Kumashiro states “Common Sense limits what is considered to be consistent with the purposes of schooling” they interfere with what is sometimes best for students.

It is challenging to recognize the commonsensical because teacher is told what to teach and what not to teach in a curriculum. (we are told that is what students should be learning the important information. It is hard to refuse these ideas of common sense because it is what our whole world is based around. Anti-oppressive education is very important to help students and not have different thing interfere with in the education. It is very important to see common sense so that we can rise above it, not try to let it change the way teach. Teaching is not just about meeting the outcomes set by the government, it is about helping a student reach their full potential.

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