AI Technology will change the Education for better?!?

Well I must say Hanieh+ Rokhsareh and George + Kanwal have done a splendid debate on this topic. Sometimes I was on the side of agreeing and again on the side of disagreeing!

Well if I share my opinion I must say Artificial Intelligence is the future of education without a doubt!

I know I know it is making the students cheater some would say but I would disagree with that. Being a good person comes from the upbringing and good learning, AI has nothing to do with it. I would rather say it is making the work of a student a bit more organized. I myself use Chat GPT and I have found sometimes the articles it shows is not authentic. So what so I do then? Do I stop researching of course not, I keep digging into it, I believe all other students does it too. Well there are plagiarism tools available too. So teachers can easily find out if a student is copy pasting. Trust as a teacher I know my students, I know the way they think or write, all teachers do, if they just cheat teacher could easily tell that.

Artificial Intelligence is our future, in our work in the classroom everywhere and I believe it will change our education for the better.

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