‘Social Justice’ & teacher’s responsibility

Well is it educators responsibility to promote social justice by using technology and social media? I wonder!

Well somewhat I would say Yes, teaching social justiceĀ at school to kids is good. Making them understand what is right and what is wrong, understanding of justice, sharing equally etc. Teachers play a key role in influencing students in the class and in their lives. But does it have to be on social media too? I doubt!

The risk of overexposing personal information, if teachers are going to have personal thoughts on some controversial and they goes online and say something even remotely

about any students I do not think so all the parents or students themselves would take them positively. We should maintain the privacy too.

Back in my country I have seen one of my colleagues lost her job as she vent out on social media about a coworker and students were commenting on that post. She lost her job as our school authority did not take it positively.

Who is going to take the responsibility if teachers say something online and particular students or parents or school authority takes that negatively? The teacher will end up facing the consequences!


3 thoughts on “‘Social Justice’ & teacher’s responsibility

  1. You are right Rahima, it’s important to recognize that responsibility to be mindful of your online presence as a teacher, to be respectful and constructive, a lesson hopefully being passed on to students. As you pointed out, there can be serious consequences for teachers who express controversial thoughts online, and it’s crucial that we consider who should take responsibility if negative consequences arise. I am concerned about my own digital footprint, and will soon be helping shape my own children’s. Do I want to be held responsible for every student’s digital footprint who sits in one of the classrooms that I teach in? That seems like really high stakes.

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