We may create safe boundaries that work best for our children

We may create safe boundaries that work best for our children

March 14, 2023 1 By Ramsel Guillermo

Depending on our values, priorities, age, lifesyle, school, family expectations and other factors, we may want to set and keep boundaries that work for our children:


Creating safe boundaries for our children’s digital footprints starts with educating them on the importance of being mindful of what they post online. Parents should teach their chuildren that their posts and photos are public and that anyone can view them. We can’t stop them but we set boundaries, constant monitoring and healthier  children’s activity and digital footprint careful choices may best work for them.

EdTech Debate’s theme on March 14, 2023 with our class professor Dr. Alec Couros Educators and schools have a responsibility to help their students develop a digital footprint”, an argument that must be shifted rather to “parents have a responsibility to help their children develop a digital footprint”. I can imagine how the debaters; Rahima Ali and Jessica Pultz  represent the “disgaree” side, as I am with them too, that teachers and schools are not the ones being responsible to aid students on digital footprint. 

Parents, including myself, must advise my chuildren to think twice before posting anything online and to be aware of the potential for cyber bullying or other forms of online harassment. Encourage them to use strong passwords and two-factor authentication, and to never share their passwords or personal information. We must help them understand the consequences of posting something they might regret later and discuss how to handle online situations that could be potentially dangerous.

Recently, I reminded my 16-year old daughter whose instagram followers count up to 1000 schoolmates, acquaintances and friends already, I told her to “please be mindful of what you post, be careful when approving tagged videos and photos…not all things you do or people  share about you are necessary to display online on your IG. I have seen many video tagged on your IG of your singing at school, you may need to delete and unapprove tags….. chances are you may get bullied by friends as they may compare and mock on  your singing style……which may not be healthy comment…”. After a few days, she followed what I said, my daughter’s  IG had only few actitivies left on her digital “footprinting”.

As parents, we really need to set clear boundaries and expectations for chilren’s online behavior, and be sure to follow up with consistent monitoring. There may be other parents, however,  have different styles in handling their chidlren’s online activities that would allow any styles, creativity, freedom and voices.