AI technologies will revolutionize education for the better

AI technologies will revolutionize education for the better

April 8, 2023 1 By Ramsel Guillermo

Amazingly unbelievable! I finally come to agree the huge contribution of AI, firstly in my personal journey towards to understanding the economics and trading and hotline customer care system.

Now I come to realize how AI helps us as educators.

With the help of it helps me navigate  EdTech’s last debate: AI technologies will revolutionize education for the better.


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AI technologies have the potential to revolutionize the education sector in many variety of  ways. AI can be used to create personalized learning experiences for students, allowing them to learn at their own pace and in their own style. AI can also be used to automate grading and assessment, allowing teachers to focus on developing more effective instructional methods. AI technology can also be used to create virtual learning environments where students can interact with virtual tutors and access educational content. AI can also be used to automate administrative tasks, such as course enrollment and registration, freeing up staff to focus on more important tasks.

AI really helps the paperworks so much easier…

AI can also be used to provide more accurate and personalized feedback to students. AI-based systems can analyze student performance data and provide personalized feedback on their progress. AI can be used to identify and address areas of weakness in a student’s learning and provide them with personalized learning plans. AI can also be used to facilitate peer-to-peer learning by connecting students with similar interests and aptitudes.

AI can be used to develop more interactive and engaging learning experiences. AI-based tutors can interact with students in real-time and provide personalized instruction, while AI-based virtual classrooms can create immersive learning experiences. AI can also be used to create interactive virtual reality that the human intelligence may limited capacity to do.

I am excited with the fast AI development from time to time.

I can’t imagine during the onset of this course with Dr. Alec in Winter 2022 class, I was really really hesitant to accept that AI is coming our way. I kept insisting in previous post that  AI can’t make it, as it makes our students super lazy. I even participated in a debate that I was  disagreeing: using technology and social media to advocate our activism is not proper. By listening to the positive contribution of AI, I am now okay to accept that we need AI to help our work a lot easier and faster in education.

Aside from Education sector,  what and where else AI performs best?