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Much to my surprise I actually enjoyed twitter, I am not a big social media person, but I do think it has its place. I think it can be good to connect with other teachers or future teachers, and it is also helpful to share resources. Despite the fact that I usually don’t care for social media, I actually really enjoyed Twitter, and it was good to connect with people on saskedchat. It was the first time I actually had a chance to connect with other teachers.

My experience with saskedchat was good, I liked that it was an ongoing conversation instead of posting something then walking away for a few hours then coming back. It was also good to see how other people are dealing with/handling certain situations such as teaching during the pandemic and dealing with stress. As I mentioned before this was the first time, I got the opportunity to connect with other teachers, so it was a good experience.

One thing that I thought about was using Twitter as a way to connect with parents so that parents can see what their kids are up to when they are at school. Using social media in the classroom can be great but it has to be used correctly, and for the right reasons so it can be a positive experience for all involved. For example, I wouldn’t use social media as an outlet to vent all my frustrations about my class/students/parents as this comes off as unprofessional, however I might share a student’s excellent work, or a project that we are working on in class.


  1. Hello Sarah, social media can definitely become an easy place to vent without having to deal with face to face confrontation. It is great that you are reflecting and being mindful of the image you want to portray for yourself as a professional. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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