Learning Project: Drawing Hair.

Attempt #1. Definitely could be smoother.

This week I decided to do hair, and it was the hardest part of drawing faces so far. I watched a few videos, but they all seemed to say the same thing (this one was good). It was hard to get the details right, and I could definitely use more practice! However, for the purposes of this project I decided to keep it simple, but there is definitely room for improvement. The hard thing about this week was that the video didn’t really help me, I really had to just practice it until I was happy with it.

Attempt #2. A bit better than the first one.

I watched this video, which was a do’s and don’ts video. So, here is a few things I learned about drawing hair. I need to have a reference photo, I didn’t really try to copy the photo exactly, but it was helpful to have something to look at to guide me (I believe that I was just loosely following the example in the video). It was also easier to draw the hair if I had a general face outline to work with. The next thing was to break it up into different sections and focused on one at a time. And the last thing was to start light and keep adding layers, I feel that I rushed this more than I should have. Also, I found that I had better results if I did one long stroke instead of doing small strokes for the hair. And I did the same shading technique with a q-tip, I did it quite light, so the hair still has some definition. I know I keep using the same shading technique, but I found that it works the best since I don’t have many drawing supplies.

As always suggestions are always welcome!


  1. Lydia

    Wow, your drawings look great. I love how you are learning different techniques with the same medium.

    • Sarah

      Thank you Lydia!

  2. Raylin Janzen

    Hair is always so hard! You have to find the sweet spot between too much detail and not enough, which is especially hard when using pencil, as you can’t use additional colours to help with the definition. You did amazing!

    • Sarah

      Yes! It was hard to find the sweet spot (I still don’t think I found it). Thank you!

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