So, this week is my last learning project post (besides my wrap up post), so I decided to put all the things that I learned about drawing faces and put them together to make a complete face. If you want to see how I did each aspect go check out the rest of my learning project posts.

This week I just put everything I have learned in the learning project together to make a face. The only new things I learned this week was where to position everything, and the ears which do not look the best, but they will do for my purposes in this project.

I used this video from RapidFire Art as a reference not for technique. I really liked the RapidFire Art channel for drawing tutorials, they went into lots of detail and explained everything really well, however it was a bit over my skill level so I definitely recommend finding a beginner video if you are just getting into drawing, but RapidFire is a great channel if you have a little more experience. I started by making a general head shape and estimated where the middle of the eyes would be and drew a horizontal line there. Next, I drew a vertical line down the middle of the head, I used these two lines as guidelines. I also made small lines at the sides of the nose and the where the corners of the eyes should be. I then drew each aspect as I did in my other posts and used the video to draw the ears and to do a little more shading around the face. The one thing that was more difficult was drawing two eyes that were the same size and shape.

Overall, I am happy with the result and I’m pretty impressed that I could do everything from videos on YouTube. I could definitely use more practise and I am excited to see my skills improve.