I think Twitter can be a really good resource for teachers to use to keep connected to other teachers and other future teachers and share resources. One of the drawbacks that I found with using Twitter is that whatever you post on there it is hard to remove once you posted it so if you post something that you thought in your first year of University and when you get to your actual teaching career and you don’t necessarily think that anymore it’s kind of hard to erase that off of Twitter.

One of the nice things about twitter is that you can build your professional network, You can meet and talk to and share resources with people that you wouldn’t normally be able to talk to or interact with so that’s a really good thing about Twitter and using it, is so that you can actually interact with people, especially now, with it’s much harder to meet people so it’s nice to have the online platform to connect with people and meet people that you might come across in your teaching career.

As for the Ed chats I really like them more than I thought that I would. I think that they can be in with a good way to connect with other people and talk about things that you don’t get to talk about on a daily basis, so for example, this week saskedchat was based off of mental health and self-care and that was really interesting conversation take part in and see what other teachers did and give like tips and ideas on what you could do to help you.

I was never a fan of social media mainly just because it was made out to be a place where everyone just ranted and share drama and that’s all it was ever made out to be for me when I was younger and so I never had an interest in being on social media because I never knew what the positive side could look like or what it could be if you used it in a positive way. Twitter now a more positive platform that I just don’t talk about my personal life as much (or interact with personal posts/random ranting)  and so it’s kind of nice to like keep off the personal side and stick with the more professional side of Twitter.  

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