Month: August 2020

ECS 210: Week 6 Blog Post

Part 1: My view and experiences with math may very well differ from other people and that is because I have great parents. Math is a very controversial subject for most people in school because “it is to hard” or “way to confusing”. That is soley based on the fact that we have been approaching…

By Jory Schwean August 19, 2020 0

ECS 210: Week 5 Blog Post

In the Westheimer and Kahne’s article that we were to read this week, they described three different kinds of citizens: Personally, Responsible Citizen – This type of citizen acts responsibly in their community. This would include working, paying taxes, obeying laws, volunteering etc. Participatory Citizen – This people are active members of the community and helps…

By Jory Schwean August 10, 2020 1

ECS 210 Week 4 Blog Post

It is no question in most people’s minds that the topics raised in this week’s readings are very influential and crucial to the growth of young minds. Actually, the issues that we have brought up here are incredibly scary and could very well lead to something very bad in both Saskatchewan and Canada as a…

By Jory Schwean August 4, 2020 1