References and Resources

My references for this ePortfolio include:

  • The Adaptive Dimensions from the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education. This reference from a previous class in our course was really helpful for me because it gave me a whole new perspective on how to adapt my class to cater to students. I need to be able to take into account many different aspects, and it wont always be easy. I feel as though all new teachers should give this document a read, in order to educate them further on this topic and can really help us with applying applications of for ecological & social justice.
  • Teach Like Yourself : How Authentic Teaching Transforms Our Students and Ourselves by Gravity Goldberg. These readings from this text were all very useful, but the “Focus on Happiness” portion on page 112 was the most influential to me because it is something I have focused on throughout this ePortfolio. If anyone isn’t happy with their learning experience, or whatever they may be doing, they will not be doing the task to the best of their ability. It is really hard to focus on something when you have no interest in the information provided. Us, as future educators, need to understand this and get to know our students on a deeper level in order to connect with them and make proper adaptations.
  • Powerful Instructional Practices from the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education. This was a great resources for me to use when I was planning for differentiation. It allowed me to come up with many different ideas in order to adapt my teaching strategy in order to take account of ecological or social factors in the classroom. We also primarily used this for our microteaching and group assignment for using these strategies.
  • All of the Treaty 4 gatherings along with the videos we had throughout this course is a resource I plan to use in my future teaching career. This is because this resource brings a big emphasis to interesting topics surrounding Aboriginal culture and the history of Indigenous people in both our Province, and our Country.

My extra resources for this ePortfolio include:

  • Top 5 Teaching Strategies by Janelle Cox was a very good outside source for me in this class and almost every single other class I took this semester. It gave many different ways to teach different subjects inside of a classroom. It isn’t specific on any topics or classes, but it really helped me to get my gears turning in my brain in order to come up with creative strategies.
  • Making the classroom a safe place to learn by Sue Alderman. This was an incredible resource in which I actually received from another class in a previous year. It talks about many different ways and different activities to make any classroom feel as comfortable and safe as possible. If the students feel this way towards their learning environment, it will be far easier for them to learn and retain information.