Planning for Differentiation

The first attachment that I have listed here is my “Who’s in my pocket?” narrative. It talks specifically about a student who was a bit to interested in playing sports and not so much on school. This lead to his grades dropping and him goofing off in school and distracting others. See the attached document in order to get the whole story.

I have to admit, this was one of my favorite assignments of the entire year so far. My second attachment I have here is my differentiation strategy I plan to use with the student in question. I really found myself diving deep into different strategies in order to help this student mainly because this person is someone fairly close to me and my family. Because of this connection, I felt far more obligated and excited to try to change this particular student’s point of view when it comes to school. I also made several compelling references to reputable sources in order to show my understanding of the Adaptive Dimensions.