Critical Teaching Manifesto

As of right now, I am currently an aspiring future teacher of the middle year’s category. This is a responsibility that I am humbled to hold as I feel I have a great future responsibility of educating the future generation of our society. I personally believe that the primary focus of education is to fill students’ brains with knowledge that they will need in order to achieve anything in their lives. I understand that this stance is one that people don’t overly agree with, but it is something that I feel is necessary to point out because it is a point I truly believe in. For a certain learning or teaching style that I feel resonates most with me, I quite enjoy editing my activities to best suit my classes interests and skill sets. The reason for this is because I feel that when a student is interested in a discussed topic, that is when they are retaining the most information and learning in the most effective way. In order to be an effective teacher, I feel I will also need to make my room feel as safe as possible for all people who may enter. I feel that it is critical to have a multicultural classroom consisting of all aspects from different race all the way to different ecological perspectives. There should be something for everyone in this classroom in order to make each student feel represented in their own way. Great examples of this would be having stories or doing activities that aren’t centered on one culture or to bring in guest speaker to help reinforce the topics that we are teaching. The whole point is to make the student feel like they aren’t being left out. A metaphor that I love and that I plan to base my career on is “A teacher is like a big hug”. This is because learning starts with the teacher. If a student can’t feel safe inside of their own classroom, how can we expect them to learn anything going forward.

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