I Like EdTech and I Cannot Lie!

This class has been so fun and definitely has challenged me and pushed me out of my comfort zone. SO why not do something I have never done before to wrap up my summary of learning!! Here is my version of “I like EdTech and I cannot lie.” I used Audacity for the first time ever. Thanks to Sarah for the suggestion.

Please note: I will not be leaving my day job at ANY time… I tried my best to channel my inner rapper/singer… I give them credit this was harder then I thought! I hope you enjoy my song about my learning experience in EDTC300!

The hardest part of all of this was exporting the audio from Audacity. I finally inserted audio to Power Point and created one slide. (after many hours of frustration and YouTube tutorials).


Oh my God, Katia, look at their profiles, there so FAKE

They look like they are trying to scam us

Who understands those scammers anyways

We only know this because we took edtech300

I mean just look, its so FAKE

I can’t believe, nobody digitally sleuthed them, to find out

I mean, come one, K Hilderbrandt, showed us how, it’s so easy!

I like EDTECH and I can not lie

All my peers can’t deny

that when Wednesday zoom class, rolls around

and technology is going down

We listened up, wanted to learn much

Cuz, technologies are the new hot stuff

Deep in the web were learning

I’m hooked and I can’t stop Tweeting

Oh Twitter, How I grew fond of ya, and learned to hashtag

My personal learning network grew greatly, Teaching advice daily

SASKEDCHAT Thursdays, tweet decks where its at

You say you want to follow me,

Well add me, and tag me, I aint no average teacher

Google chrome extensions

 you have my attention

Hey Animoto, and loom, you make my projects go boom

I’m tired of cyber bullying, and social media’s spread false news

Research, cross-reference, be kind, can you do that?

You gotta know the facts

So edtech (yah) edtech (yah) have you learned lots in this class?

(Heck yah)

Well share it, learn it, spread it, teach it!

Recommend edtech a lot, @ K B Hilderbrandt

U of R, Education with they techy students

U of R, Education with the techy students

Ribble’s 9 elements, to lead and assist, and build your digital citizenship

I just cant help myself, Im acting like a edtech techy

Now, heres my low down

I wanna teach my students that digital literacy is no joke  

I aint talkin Hotmail, cuz instagram or snapchat get used the most

I wanna show them, not scare them, but make sure their cyber safe

We don’t want them in trouble, so let make sure they don’t stumble.

So, Im lookin at a youtube video, Michael Wesch talkin the spread of digital memes

You can see how fast they troll, think about what you post before you are toast

A word to my future classroom, I wanna one hour code with ya

Have you tried scratch? Or code.org? but I gotta be straight when I say im no good

Till the end of semester, I learned lots for my toolbox

A lot of resources to carry on, cuz I tried them and I loved them

And im gonna continue to use them,

cuz im now smart and skilled

And Im down to teach k-12’s about apps.

So edtch (yah) edtech (yah) do you wanna keep building your PLN?

Then keep blogging, tweet it out

Even Amanda Brace will shout you out!!

U of R, Education with cybersluething

Hey class, when It comes to digital footprints

Your parents might already created your path

Ultrasound pics to graduation only if your well loved

So your reflecting on this class

Rating your top fav tools or apps

But, you just tried audacity and you rocked it

My edtech skill don’t want to stop, unless im about to drop

We can add edtech to our sask curriculum but please do teach the basics

Some websites wanna lie and fib

And tell you crap that aint no good

So we teach it and learn it and our students will restore it

So, Slack Community is new to me, and we find it easy

Cuz we type in questions and share resources  

And my peers aint slackin  

To the edtech journey in university

You’ve been real thus far, you gave me the tools, and the knowledge

To teach and be digitally aware

Some NTCE framework to read

Cuz my classmates shared it on my feed

Katia ended with a game, a kahoot, so good to see my peers

Our learning projects are over, but please don’t loose your skills

If you need any help in the future @Blenkins1 on twitter and reach out

Edtech gots your back, techy got back!

One thought on “I Like EdTech and I Cannot Lie!

  1. Shana, this is awesome! I love that you made this. Awesome way to get creative and share your learning from this class!

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