Important Links – A great resource link for classroom lesson plans. Also a place for you to post your lessons plans for others to use. -If you are in need of seeking help for yourself, this is the Saskatchewan Crisis Website. You can also guide your students to this site – to help them find the appropriate resources when they are dealing with crisis. – this website is great to access online books. There is read-a-longs, read to self, etc. -They have access for educators, students, and parents. The Rick Hansen Foundation is about creating a world without barriers. They have free resources for classroom teachers to discuss inclusion. You can also have a guest speaker come out to your school to do a presentation. -This is the link to Go Noodles login. For some reason I cannot post the Go Noodle – Home page. You can navigate from this link to the home page. This is a great teaching resource with many videos. Including: silly songs, relaxing, mindfulness, and much more. It allows for movement breaks throughout the day.

This link takes you to a website that has Autism awareness information for across Canada. It is keeping professional, parents and community members up to date with the most current information. -This is an educational tool teachers can use with their students to learn more about the Treaties of Canada. It includes a timeline along with teacher friendly activities. on this PDF their is also other links you can view. such at “Idle No More.” – A great tool for multilingual students in your classroom. This website offers many books that are translated into different languages and they also are read aloud books.